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**NEW 2018** Bullpaws Bam Bam

English Bulldog Stud Bullpaws Bam Bam
Bred and owned by Andrew Dennison

Bam Bam is Champion sired and CKC registered
he is available for stud to registered English Bulldogs.

For more information please email us at

STUD FEE $600.00

Stud Dog Bam Bam is presently located in Montreal Quebec Canada, stud price is subject to change.

**NEW** Bullpaws Gomer

English Bulldog Stud Bullpaws Gomer
Bred by Andrew Dennison

Gomer is CKC
and available to approved females.

For more information please call 819-544-2124 or toll free at
1-855-BULLPAWS (1-855-285-5729)

STUD FEE $600.00

Stud Dog Mickey  is presently located near Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, stud price is subject to change.



Champion Bullpaws Zeus  
English Bulldog Champion Stud dog Alabama

English Bulldog Stud Dog Champion Bullpaws Zeus
AKC & CKC Registered

*Champion sired*
Zeus is a proven stud

STUD FEE  : $600.00


NEWS: Bullpaws Zeus has obtained his Canadian Championship
         and is AKC Pointed and working on his American Championship

Stud Dog Ch. Bullpaws Zeus is located in Alabama

English Bulldog Stud Dog Bullpaws Zeus  


Bullpaws Sigismund AKA Flashman  
English Bulldog stud available for stud service

English Bulldog Stud Dog Bullpaws Sigismund


STUD FEE  : $600.00 or one puppy from the litter


Stud Dog Bullpaws Sigismund is located in Montreal Quebec


English Bulldog Stud Dog Bullpaws Sigismund  


The Stud Service

The Stud Service consists of two quantities of semen extracted from the dog of your choice usually on your females 11th and 13th day of her menstrual cycle, both extraction must be for the same female and used when extracted or received, a possibility of a third extraction is available but usually not necessary if you properly noted her first day of her menstrual cycle.



You will need to take note of the first day your female started her menstruation cycle as this is used to properly calculate ovulation. During this  time to do some research, whelping a litter of English Bulldogs is no easy task. Your vet may suggest ovulation testing.



If arriving in person please bring your full payment with you in cash, money order or certified check, if paying by long distance we can accept certified check/money order or Interac Email Money transfer, there is also additional options of depositing directly into our account, lastly there are other services such as Western Union and lastly PayPal. All monies owing including shipping if applicable must be paid in full before extractions begin.



We are now shipping worldwide again and have a 100% success rate on chilled semen, please do not hesitate to contact us, if meeting in person we will arrange two appointments for you, please walk your dog before entering Bullpaws so that she may urine before the insemination. If delivery is required we will ship you the two extractions by FedEx, Purolator or by Greyhound bus which is sometimes faster depending on your location. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges at all times. We ship international and have as of date of publish a 100% conception rate.



Insemination is always done with new sterile equipment each time, there is a 1 time fifty ($50) dollar charge for insemination and covers both times, if a third day is elected an additional insemination charge of twenty five ($25) will apply to cover time and supplies.



You are guaranteed to have a litter (one puppy counts as a litter) or the next mating is free with the exception of the insemination fee of fifty ($50) dollars, if shipping is required there will be an additional charge for a license veterinarian to do the extraction as required by law and shipping charges. You will receive our guarantee in writing and is valid for one year


Paperwork & Beyond

We have a contract for you to sign basically agreeing to the above clauses, if your female becomes pregnant we will send you the completed litter form for you to sign and to send to the registry. If you need help placing your puppies or guidance throughout the breeding procedure we are here to help.


Can I pay later?

Although we don't have a credit policy on stud services we can make arrangements for free stud service with a return puppy from the litter



Please CLICK HERE to inquire and make arrangements or call (514)-242-7273 or toll free at 1-855-BULLPAWS



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