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English Bulldog Puppy for sale - English Bulldog Puppies for sale
Sometimes we have English Bulldog puppies for sale.
New Litter Announcements!


New English Bulldog Litter Announcements

Our Fall 2017 Litters will be announced shortly, anyone currently on our waiting list will be shown our current litter until all pups are reserved. You may send us an email to let us know you are interested with any questions you may have. Your email will be kept in the priority that it was received for selection purposes.


We have puppies available, pictures will follow shortly
Posted: May 21st 2017

To make inquiries please call us at 819-544-2105 or email us
Delivery of Bulldog Puppies is available to:
Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Nunavut



*Deposits and Reservations

A deposit is required in order to reserve a specific puppy or a position of selection of a puppy from a specific litter. Deposits are deemed non-refundable but can be transferred or redeemable on a following litter if circumstances arise were you are unable to receive your puppy at the discretion of Bullpaws.
If you are in position to make the first pick you must select from the current litter. If it is your first opportunity to select and you are not the first pick of the litter you may elect to wait until the next available litter to make your selection. At all times Bullpaws reserves the right to first selection on any litter for our breeding program. If Bullpaws chooses to select a puppy the order of reservations will continue after our selection or seller and buyer may make a separate breeding agreement. If a breeding is unsuccessful or there are not enough puppies in a specific litter to cover all deposits you will have an extra opportunity to select from the next available litter.


General Information

All our puppies are registered CKC/AKC and come with a 1 year written health guarantee (an extended guarantee is available), up to date vaccinations and de-worming, registry compliant microchips and support and advice throughout the life of your puppy. Buying a puppy is a lifetime decision for you and your puppy, we will guide you through each step and take the time to make sure you fully understand the process and care/requirements of your new family member. References and assurance to buyers is top priority and available by request, we are members of dog clubs and associations and are able to provide proof of purchase security, prior sales, veterinarian references and financial references if necessary. We can and do ship puppies and hold a valid commercial shipping account but will go the extra mile for pickup. Nanny services to all States and within Canada is available for additional fee's. Send us an email with your questions and concerns or call us direct Click here for all methods of contact


General Pricing

Generally our puppies average around $2500 but can vary on specific litters or puppies, many factors are considered when pricing, such as time and investment including registered CKC/AKC events, quality and conformation of the parents, costs of delivery of the puppies and the quality of each puppy. Time is a big investment, all our puppies are hand fed by ourselves by bottle and/or off the mother starting at two hour intervals and increasing slowly with age, generally they will be weaned off the mother around 4- 6 weeks of age, all puppies receive proper sanitary conditions and socialization. Each puppy is handled in a different way according to there shape and size, during the early walking stage individual care is given to each puppy, special care is extremely important and is given to all puppies so that proper leg formation is received. We breed only English Bulldog with good conformation and during the first 8 weeks of growth of a new puppy certain conditions, environment and proper care is essential.


Special Pricing and Options

Normally we do not offer credit for the follow reasons: First off it would be unfair to the puppy to remove him/her from their home due to mismanagement of ones financial situations and secondly if you cannot afford to pay for the puppy how will you feed and care for them with regular veterinary checkups? How would you be able to afford an emergency situation? However sometimes we can offer a small discount for Non-breeding homes and larger discount for select homes who would like to participate in a breeding program that is mutually beneficial to both parties while keeping in mind the health and safety of the puppy.


To make inquiries please contact us through our contact page


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